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in washington again as there have been talks of building a multi-use stadium to replace the outdated rfk stadium. >> it's just time to change the name. i think the whole country is starting to get around it. >> i think people just got to get over themselves and a lot of us can get offended about this and about that. >> reporter: loudoun county board of supervisors say the team is headquartered in their county right here in ashburn and they play in maryland. they also say d.c. is not doing themselves any favors by calling for a name change if they're trying to lure the washington redskins back to the district. the votes on either side of the debate are essentially symbolic. it's up to the team's owner, dan snyder, to make a change and he vehemently opposes that decision. >> we need to take care of the businesses in our county. >> i don't think there should be a name change. >> i didn't even know the redskins was a racist name till this was brought to attention. >> they're not winning many games and neither city was going to change the name, so maybe it's time to change the name. >> reporter: be
are in english, language and arts. >> what we're finding today is that the common course is asking us to teach kids to be prepared for both college and careers. >> reporter: dawn clemons is principal of the capitol hill cluster which includes stewart hobbs middle school. >> we're using four different reads to get the et cetera sense of this complex techs -- essence of this complex text which is oftentimes two or three grade levels upon where the kids are reading. >> reporter: this type of strategy it's said is helping d.c. public schools improve faster than the rest of the nation. >> only one out of 51 can show the greatest improvement and that was d.c. >> reporter: the district is now closing the gap in math and reading scores since 2007. 4th grade reading in d.c. gained eight points above the national average, in math a 13 point gain over the rest of the country. d.c. 8th grade reading improved two points over the country's average and the same group in math a whopping 14 point gain over the national average. the district although not a state is compared to its neighbors and test scores s
.c. metro region. police tell us ronald kirby was gunned down on veteran's day. you're looking at video of him from the past, obviously, he was head of transportation for the metropolitan washington council of government. wusa9 is live in the alexandria neighborhood where people are just stunned, mola. >> very quiet neighborhood. police have been in and out of ronald kirby's home all day long. he was found gunned down, shot to death. multiple gun shot wounds yesterday afternoon. alexandria police chief says kirby was found by a relative. he was seen alive earlier in the day, actually, according to police. but right now, authorities are not saying where he was seen or by whom. considering kirby's high profile status, he spent 30 years as a public servant and all things in the d.c. metro region. one of the first questions, did that have anything do with his killing? was he targeted? right now, it is too early to tell, they are not eliminating any of the possibilities. everything is on the table. chief cook says his detectives understand the high profile nature of the case, but that does
us. >> do you know who the mayor is? >> nope. >> some of her high school peers, not so civil minded. >> i don't pay attention. >> we can vote now? >> yeah, you can vote. >> surprise you that i interviewed young people today and they were unaware you are their mayor? >> that would not surprise me. >> the mayor voted along with the council here to lower the voting age for municipal elections to 16. >> and the thing that won me over was talking about the age at which you start and where you are and when you are 16 and 17, you are much more likely to be living at home with your parents in a place that you grew up in that you are familiar with. you are part of the community. you know some of the issues. >> about 90, 16 and 17-year- olds have registered since takoma park lowered the age in may. >> i just generally tend to think that the average 16 and 17-year-old is not interested in community affairs. it's tough enough to get mature adults to pay attention to that stuff. >> takoma park suffers from a serious turnout problem. 20% is considered high and tomorrow with every
unveiled a number of initiatives today to clean up the air and the waterways. >> reporter: it took us less than a minute to find this field of discarded plastic and glass along the anacostia riverbank today. the tax on bags has helped. mayor gray now wants a ban on styrofoam to further clean up the waterways. >> if we raffle want to clean up the environment and keen -- really want to clean up the environment and keep it clean, we'll have to make these kind of decisions. >> reporter: the ban would include the plastic containers your carry-out orders are placed in, the cheapest option for mom and pop stores. >> it would force them to use more environmentally products for people to take home. >> reporter: this was topic a of the mayor's press conference today to help reduce emissions from idling police vehicles, new idling equipment is being installed in police cruisers. >> with so many traffic details and special events in the city, we spend a lot of time on posts. >> reporter: the car automatically cuts off when no longer needed to charge the battery. >> first we have reduced fuel consum
alexandria home on monday. peggy fox just talked to the investigators, joining us live from alexandria police headquarters with the latest. what do you know? >> i can tell you this. the the alexandria police chief is asking anyone who has had contact with ron kirby in the past few weeks or neighbors that have seen something unusual to come forward. he said that the case remains wide open. now today, ron kirby's grown daughters told wusa9 that she did not want to talk about the father's murder. on monday the 69-year-old was shot multiple times in their torso in his home on elm street. he was found by a relative monday afternoon. they had 42 children adopted from the philippines. they helped for the past 25 years as the transportation director at the council of government. the police chief said they don't think that there is a crazed gunman on out there, but they would not call it targeted. they've taken out search warrants, but they have no person of interest yet. and that someone was killed in their home. families, they are investigated as well in terms of strangers and possibilities as well.
that mental game plan. that happened to us, where would we be? what would we do? >> thank you. >>> some other news we're following tonight, starting today one in seven americans will have less money for food. that's because billions of dollars are being cut from the federal food assistance. >> i have to tell my 13-year- old sorry, hold off on that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. we've got to make that loaf of bread last, you know? you don't want to tell these kids that. >> you're talking about families having to maybe decide whether we pay the light bill, all the rent and would end up facing homelessness -- and could end up facing homelessness. >> the 2009 stimulus bill keck pier which means a $5 billion cut -- bill which did expire which means a $5 billion cut in food stamps, a $36 a month cut to people in need. >>> for people just getting to sign up for insurance one month ago at, some states might be reporting higher numbers. a lot of places are not. nielle nottingham has the story from washington. >> reporter: notes turned over to a congressional committee show in the 4
, lieutenant journal once led the bran's sex assault response team. surae chin joins us live from the courthouse with the latest. surae. >> january, jurors just got the case around 3:30 this afternoon and so they have been deliberating now for an hour and a half. both sides made strong arguments. the prosecution says that 42- year-old, u.s. air force lieutenant colonel broke the 23- year-old woman outside of the beach bar six months ago in crystal city. prosecutors say he then asked if she liked it. well, his attorney says it was all an accident. that everyone was drunk. that may be his hands brushed against her buttox, but nothing was intentional. then the defense attorney turned the tables and said after the incident, it was the woman who beat up on the lieutenant colonel repeatedly punching him while holding her cell phone. the air force lieutenant colonel gained attention at a time when sexual abuse was highlighted. plus, headed the air force sex assault prevention and response team. ray martin was bar tending at freddie's back in may. ran outside to tend to the lieutenant co
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8